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January 2019

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Li Shishi

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 Li Shishi studies

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Li Shishi


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PostSubject: Li Shishi studies   Wed Feb 15, 2012 5:39 am

After her arrival in Fort Pastor, Shishi found it was quite dangerous to walk outside, compared to what she has experienced in Dogg's Stockade. And knowing she's a rather careful person, she didn't try to scout further than one block away from the outpost. Just enough for feeling free and bring back some useful artefacts or ammunitions.

So time went by and she continued working hard with the medic team of Fort Pastor as doctor apprentice. She worked night and day, sleeping only few hours, spending most of her time tending and treating patients, but also assisting the senior surgeons during difficult surgeries. Exhausting but exciting. it could have remained like this durign ages, but her hard work has been appreciated by the medic top chief of the outpost.

The deal was clear: it's not possible anymore to follow classical courses for her to upgrade to real doctor capable to make emergency surgery in the outpost or even save lifes outside, in middle of fight against infected. So if she wants to, he could teach her all that. Directly in action. Admission essay, interview, clinical work experience, volunteering activities, along with research and leadership roles in Li Shishi's history... all that is confirmed now that he's seen her at work. Now she'll learn hard stuff. It will take time, but after these hard studies, she'll be able to help far more people, and especially her clan mates who very often come back in almost desperate state at the outpost after tough fights outside.

But she cannot take such a decision alone so she went for meeting Ecktor in his office.

Ecktor? Can we have a quick talk?

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PostSubject: Re: Li Shishi studies   Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:22 am

hears footsteps as someone approaches and sees Li walk in

Yes? what do you want to talk about?

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Li Shishi


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PostSubject: Re: Li Shishi studies   Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:39 am

[HRP: sorry for the delay... I had very busy last 2 weeks!]

Well... you know that I'm faithful to the clan. Of course, I'm not participating to raids where the most skilled fighters of the clan are involved, and I'm more working in a solo mode, visiting areas in silence and stealth, alone with my handgun. And that worked fine up to now, but... but I need to improve my level for better helping the clan members. Better taking care of them.

And the top medic chief of Fort Pastor just proposed me to train me until I become an accomplished doctor and surgeon. This will nto be done in one day, of course, so this means I will nto be much available for the clan during a while.

You're my direct boss and the founder of this clan, so I prefer getting your blessing before I can say yes to this proposal. Be sure I'll make my upmost for reaching quickly the goal!

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PostSubject: Re: Li Shishi studies   

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Li Shishi studies
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